Daring end of the party! Adults only!

For whom this game?
For the brave and open-minded, for those who is uninhibited, for those who want to try something radically new in the intimate life… And for those who like to get maximum of every moment of their life, who loves fabulous parties and its brightest ending, who always hungry for something new experiences and who don’t want to stop anytime, for whom the sky is the limit. Go over the line! Don’t be a slave to convention! Dare!

What kind of game is it?
The game is intended for companies from three to six people. Maybe it’s your girlfriend’s cute girl who came to visit you with delicious wine. Maybe it’s one of your boyfriend’s guy who makes ambiguous attentions to you. Maybe you just uninhibited company of friends, who in one moment decided to have fun adultly! It doesn’t matter, you know each other for a long time or just came together for the realization of fantasies of each other – the game will help you organize your leisure original.

How to play?
The game is made in such a way that each player will randomly get the task, which he/she should perform. It starts as always with banal vulgar questions, silly tasks and innocent kiss, and ends with an immodest realization of your sexual fantasies.

How to setup the game?
The game can be setup to any desires and fantasies. You setup yourself what is normal for you, and what is unacceptable. What sex toys and accessories do you have. The game takes into account also, in what clothes you are wearing.

What else?
Feature «Surprise» will bring something interesting and provocative in your game, and sometimes it daring changing the rules of the game.
Game’s points shop. Are you earned a certain number of points? Spend them with profit to your entertainment!
Interface tips. Understandable settings in the game and in the game’s points shop have tips with a full description to help you understand the game progresses, especially without being distracted from the game process.

This game is multilingual: RU/EN
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS


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Android – download and pay by PayPal or card directly from our website.
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