Game developing is an interesting and creative work, but not simple and takes a lot of time. Especially if you want to constantly maintain high quality and delight users with new content every week.

Game updates come out on a regular basis, every month, or even a week. During the existence of the website, hundreds story updates were released for my games. New projects are already in progress.

You also can participate in the development of the website! If you like any of our games, support us with any convenient for you sum of money. Even the smallest donation matters.

As a thank you will have access to Private Club and some privileges with bonuses. For example, early access to new content in games, cheat codes, help and walkthrough to the game, and of course exclusive events that are available only to the subscribers of the Private Club. Access to the club will be open for one month after any donation. You can change the account level at any time, or completely unsubscribe and return to the base account. The full list of rewards available to you for donations you will find below.

Thank you very much!

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