lady dev huh

Hi guys!

Well, where are you? Where are your questions? I certainly understand that you are obsessed with the games, but not so much 😀

And tell me, what do you think about girls programmers? What are your representations? And then I constantly hear different stereotypes that such girls do not take care of themselves, they do not know how to dress nicely, do not make a makeup and do not leave the house at all (well, maybe I myself often get stuck at home when I do updates for you). What do you think about it?

11 thoughts on “lady dev huh

  1. guildos says:

    Well, I’m a coder myself and I would say that yes, I’m mainly into girls that literature, theater and stuff like that, but if You’re as nice to talk as You’re looking, than I guess Your life is pretty interesting 😀

  2. Tom says:

    I think that anyone who believes in that stereotype has a brain smaller than his penis.
    A female programmer is cool. I don’t know how much coding she would get done with me around if she looked like the blonde in this picture. Is that really you ? Because if so… Damn ! Thats sexy.

    Oh, and what brought me here in the first place. I do not know how to activate the cheats for Last Man. Yeah, i kinda want all the women to love me immediately, lol.

    1. Profile photo ofVortex Vortex says:

      Thanks 🙂 Join instagram (https://instagram.com/vortexcannon/) for more photos.
      Cheat codes are activated automatically, after you login to the game with the club account. Hot-keys can be found in the Club menu inside game.

  3. serg89 says:

    Расскажи, в какой момент ты осознала, что ты хочешь делать игры?

  4. jbstrand says:

    I’ve been working as a programmer for the last 30+ years, and it has always been a pleasure working with female programmers. In my experience they seem to approach the same object from a different perspective, and their solutions to resolving issues are generally more elegant.

    And all the female programmers that I’ve worked with, always knew how to look after themselves. I’ve yet to meet a female programmer that matches the stereotypes you’ve described. 🙂

    I’ve loved “Last Man”, and look forward to playing some of the other games.

  5. BlazR says:

    I’m a hobbyist (not professional) programmer myself in Java, C#, and some scripting languages. I’ve never met a female coder and I don’t know what the stereotype would be. It is nice to see a woman involved in the development of adult games. Most of the other adult games I’ve played are developed by men. There are women involved, of course, for voice acting and concept ideas. Keep up the great and I look forward to seeing what you create.

  6. assim123 says:

    I have female friends who are coders here in Brazil. None of them is the sloppy nerd stereotype, all of them valorize their own beauty and are great in other areas as well, such as tatooing and cosplaying.

  7. trend29 says:

    i started to play last man today my first game playing from you.
    first of all the game looks great!!!
    and awnsering your question about girl programmer . totaly awesome.
    becouse i did not expect a girl after the last man game. but totaly awesome.
    you make such a great game.
    nice work totaly awesome!!
    and secondly you are very beautifull.!

  8. Profile photo ofmycy mycy says:

    Well, what should I say. I was really surprised to find a really fantastic looking woman behind the games. Intelligence combined with a naughty mind. It is really sad, that there are not much, much more of you. I can imagine how fun it is to test your developments. Well, what can be better? Woman, Programmer, really fun games… I really don’t know why there are not much more of this combination. 🙂

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