Last Man

Last Man 1.80 Beta and Public Update

We have update for club and public version of the game. Some of the locations from early access became available to everyone. Mostly these are events taking place in Leesburg.

For club users in the early access, more events were added too. New research and unexpected meetings are waiting for our hero. Do not forget to check other locations in the city. Depending on your past actions, there could be new scenes.

The server part of the game get a big update. Everything should be load much faster now. Also some unused textures were removed from the game archive.

Some bugs in the inventory and with the display of texts have been fixed.

This game is multilingual: RU/EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PL/RO/UA/CN/KR/AR. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here.

If you like this game, support its development, join our club and receive additional rewards 🙂

Public build 1.80 (PC)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

Private Club build 1.80 (PC and Android/iOS/Mac OS)

The full list of changes and download links are available in Private Club.

Club rewards (Cheats and bonus content)
Android version
iOS/Mac version
100% Walkthrough

More info about club

11 thoughts on “Last Man 1.80 Beta and Public Update

  1. Najss says:

    When i am starting new game in 1.80 version i got blue screen. Is it only me having this problem ?

    1. Vortex says:

      Yeah, game can’t crash your PC.

  2. FlyingMonkey says:

    I’ve downloaded the game, with the platinum private club reward, however cannot use any of the in game cheats, or chapter selection with the in game ‘club’ screen.

    How do I go about fixing this issue?

    1. Vortex says:

      Login to game with your club account. Check Club menu in game. Activated cheats become green. Press corresponding numbers (1, 2, 4, etc.) of cheats when needed (not in Club menu).

      1. FlyingMonkey says:

        I’ve restarted the game, and it still looks like this:
        Do I need to be at a certain part in the game? Since i’m trying this on day 1, chapter 1 at the moment.

        1. Vortex says:

          Yeah, cheats is not working in 1st days. You need to complete intro.

          1. FlyingMonkey says:

            Alright, thank you for the quick replies!

            1. Vortex says:

              I will update club secton in game next build. I’ll try to make it easier to use.

  3. azerty12359 says:

    I have a question for you. Where do you think the plot will end? At version 2.0? 2.5?
    I’m not asking for anything precise, just how many time do you see yourself develop this (amazing) game?

    And do you have ideas for other game when this one will be finished?

    1. Vortex says:

      I already know how Last Man will end, but I don’t know how much time it will take to finish game.

      And new game in development already.
      First beta coming soon.

      1. azerty12359 says:

        Okay, i’m eager to see how it will end, as I’ve been playing for two years (time passes so quickly…). Thanks for the short reply, wish you good!

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