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Last Man 2.46 Beta

Today we have a build with changes of the game mechanic. Let’s start with the novelties. Starting from this build, the quests in the game will be divided into main and secondary. The main quests will move the plot forward and discover new opportunities for the hero. All minor quests will be untied from the storyline and can be performed at any time. Also now, all game factions will be able to give you small quests for which you can receive money, items or any other bonuses.

In this build a new series of quests is added. You can start it by finding the object on the location with the Hut in the second city. After that, from time to time, you will find the continuation of the quests in any of the three cities. The location with the girls with camera on the way to the Warehouse is no longer a random event, but moved to this story series.

Also the hero’s tab has been updated. In it you will find a list of factions that you have already met in the game. And with the following builds you will be able to track your progress with them.

The requirements for various events continue to be simplified. This time it touched the flashbacks with Kate, the girlfriend of our hero. They are no longer limited in time, and you can see them all during the game.

Changed the spent of the action points when you visiting certain locations. Basically, it touched locations, where more than one point was spent, and changed to the minimum. But if you will come to the warehouse in the second city you should remember, that it will now become more difficult. The first trip per day will spend 2 points, same as before, and every next visite will be harder each time. You can reset your fatigue after sleep.

Canned food and Burn can be used any day now. Let me remind you that you should keep at least a little food, in case the hero gets hungry. Otherwise, he will spend more action points in exploring the city and quests.

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Public build 2.46 (PC)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

Private Club build 2.46 (PC and Android/Mac OS)

The full list of changes and download links are available in Private Club.

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3 thoughts on “Last Man 2.46 Beta

  1. MaliceHeat says:

    Tried to get private club and the submit just hang there spinning, so far i like last man it seems like my type of game

    1. Vortex says:

      Try to restart browser or use another one. It works fine for me in all browsers I tried.

      1. MaliceHeat says:

        Thank you for replying, i found the problem it was my anti-virus and protection software was blocking any credit card site for so reason.

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