Last Man

Last Man 2.50 (UPDATE: 2.51 added)

In this update you will find two small scenes with Agatha. She starts them herself, sending you SMS, if you have not ignored her in past events. The event works only in the first city, so you don’t have to go far.

In addition, some events are now tied to your account, not to savegames. This is a new mechanic “New Game +”, which will save the progress level of some elements of the game, if you loaded from an earlier save, or even started the game again. This was previously written in my Author’s column.

So now the hero’s Base is also tied to the account. In short, I remind you that it is. This is a mini game where gathered some of the girls you have met. You can send them to the missions for exploring cities, getting supplies, or even attacking other militant groups (in this case, the Bases of other players). After completing missions, girls bring rewards such as money, supplies, upgrades for themselves and for the hero, etc. With the mechanics of New Game +, if you have already seriously leveled the girls, but decided to start the game from the begining, then you will get the Base with all your progress as soon as you reach it again in the story. You will not need to upgrade it from scratch. (But starting with this build, the old Base progress, which was stored locally on the computer, will not be taken into account). I also plan to conduct “seasons” – players who have leveled the Base more than others for a certain time will receive additional in-game bonuses and rewards.

In addition to the Base, the reputation progress with the Preacher and PromZone factions is now tied to the account. In Preacher events, you can now leave only one item at a time. Every time your reputation will grow. In the casino of PromZone, you will receive a reputation only if you win a girl when she has no more money left. This applies to regular games, not the Poker Tournament. The greater your reputation, the more likely they will give you more secondary quests and more attractive rewards.

Also added support for one-time quests. Such tasks you will need to perform only once in your account, and the reward for them will remain available to your hero forever, regardless of the saves used.

Of the important corrections was the fix of action points in the Warehouse, after meeting with Alina. And a little bit of other minor bugs.

Update 2.51: Fixed crushes in the casino, some random events and missions in the Base.

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