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Last Man 2.53 and Public Update

In this build you will find the continuation of the storyline with Agatha. If you did not give up after past unsuccessful attempts to put her in order, then this time will be your last chance. To start the event, you need to send her a flowers from the Store as a gift, and wait for her reaction.

Store was also updated. Its code was completely rewritten, and the location itself was divided into stages. Now, when you come there for the first time, the hero will find it in a plundered state. But returning later, you will find out that the New Post has already put it in order. So then the opportunity to make gifts for girls will appear. The gifts have also changed – now they are cheaper, and at the same time they bring more love points. This will help to those. who always have no money. Also the event of acquaintance with Natasha, head of the New Post was updated.

Also Nastya, our pretty neighbor from the first chapter of the game, got a new acquaintance scene too. Added new images and slightly changed the dialogue. She does not give new experience points, so you don’t need to replay from scratch. But you can see the scene, if you just load from the first day of the game and wait for her ring at the door.

The server part of the game moved to the same version as the Red Pill. Locations loading became almost instantaneous, and the stability of the game increased during a high load on the server.

Updated menu of the gamesaves. Some critical bugs with game crash in the first day and in the Preacher’s events were fixed. Minor UI game changes made.

In my Author’s column, there is still a vote for updating the system of saving in the game. You can participate in its discussion.

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Public build 2.53 (PC)

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Private Club build 2.53 (PC and Android/Mac OS)

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