Last Man

Last Man 2.55

In the new build there are many UI changes that will help make the game more convenient and introduce new features.

The code of all the game menus has been updated: pause, character, club, album, etc. All windows now can be open and close with hot-keys, as well, all windows can be closed with the Esc button. Some menus (for example, Album), which previously could only be open in a specific place, are now available at any point in the game. Also, the buttons for opening all the necessary menus moved to the Character window.

There is a new menu – Achievements. For performing various actions in the game, you will receive Achievements. And these are not just useless badges, but bonuses that will complement your gameplay. For example, income from Pink Rhino will be doubled, food will restore more action points, or even add more playable days, etc.

Yes, this is another feature in this build. Playable days, as before, will be added by me gradually, along with the release of new content, but now they will not be severely limited. You will be able to receive new additional playable days for completing achievements, quests, various events and so on.

All received achievements, unlocked bonuses, days, etc., will be tied to your account, and will continue to work even if you start the game from the beginning, and some will give their advantages even in my other games.

In this build, not all the achievements are active yet, and their list will increase significantly in the next builds, but some players will notice new playable days in the game now.

In the sex scenes appeared Skip button. It will be active if you have previously seen this scene. At the moment, not all scenes can be skipped, as I manually double-check them to eliminate problems.

The Quests List was replenished with a new portion of tasks from the first chapters of the game, and also received some corrections in past quests.

The saving system has been slightly updated. Saves no longer occur during casino games, Poker Tournament, or when exploring the city. This will simplify the game a little while I’m working on new quests for players to earn money.

City maps and notes have been updated. Their text no longer overlaps each other.

Made some changes to old scenes, for example, in a dating website at the beginning of the game, or some scenes with Diana. Basically it affected the convenience of the players.

And do not forget to visit my Author’s column, I’m doing surveys and discussing new features from future builds. Your opinion is important to me.

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Public build 2.55 (PC)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

Private Club build 2.55 (PC and Android/Mac OS)

The full list of changes and download links are available in Private Club.

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5 thoughts on “Last Man 2.55

  1. Arrow0995 says:

    Bought bronze account for playing on android. But in the time of setting it writes “sintax error”. What should i do?

    1. Vortex says:

      Contact me by
      Describe the problem and specify the name of your device.

  2. MRCL says:

    Very good game

  3. MRCL says:

    I finished that game 4 times

  4. lavrov says:

    занимательная игра и я думаю вступить в частный клуб

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