Last Man

Last Man 2.56

In this build we will have meeting, about which many have asked during long time. Sweet secretary Olga, from the former work of our hero, she is back to the city. A new quest begins with a meeting with her during one of the games in the PromZone casino. You have to find out if it was a fortuity, what she is doing now after the epidemic, and what all this promises to our hero if he will continue to communicate with her.

To start the quest, you must have completed the past task with her, where you come to her to the country house. And also you should passed at least half of the Poker Tournament. Olga will meet you in the hall for regular games.

I also continue to improve other elements of the game. So, some new Achievements were activated, and for some of them you can even get bonuses. For example, you can permanently increase the number of game days for the story progress and the collection of secrets of the game.

New portion of tasks added to the Quests List. And some past missions received clarifications and more detailed tips. More sex scenes can be skipped now, if you have previously seen them.

Phone contacts with girls are now available at any time of the game in the hero menu or by pressing the G button. I also plan to expand the possibilities of communicating with girls in addition to scenes with them, and add small tasks that will help you to increase Love Points.

Poker Tournament has become easier. The rivals are now much less likely to get the top combinations of cards, and the average level of girls’ cards was reduced. Cash prizes remained at the past level.

A save check point was added to 21st day of the game, before escaping to the second city. Were updated some of the dialogues and quest marks on the maps in order to better connect the plot of the game.

Compatibility with very old game saves has been improved for those who returning after a long break. A small optimization has been done and obsolete textures have been removed.

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