Last Man

Last Man 2.57 (Fix 2.58 Added)

In this build you will find the continuation of events with Olya, the secretary from the company where our main character worked before the epidemic. Initially, a new event was planned in the Store, but it was canceled. So, the final dialogues with Olya from past events have been changed, and a new meeting will be held at the New Post office.

With the New Post is connected another big update of this build. A series of secondary quests was added to the game, with small tasks from the New Post. They will appear gradually during your passage of the storyline and help you earn extra money. During one of these tasks, you will find a new scene with Olya.

Such quests, like the Preacher quests series, will be marked with a blue exclamation mark. And you will get the first quest immediately after entering the game, in the first city, if you, of course, have already started working for the New Post (this is approximately from the 30th day onwards).

Changes were made to some of the storyline quests from the New Post. Some of them received alternative way for passage. Basically it will affect those who refused to perform past quests. So now the NPCs will know that you have failed or missed the past task, and will tell you about past events and will give you quests for continuation.

The Quests List is updated with new tasks and detailed tips for passing. Also the mechanism of work of quest marks on cities maps was updated. For example, now the game will be able to mark locations, even if the quest SMS was received after the generation of the city map.

Some corrections in the game UI were made. Fixed problems with the Phone Contacts window, marks for the last used gamesaves fixed. In windowed mode, you can now change the size of the game window.

Update 2.58: Some players are faced with a bug in update 2.57, because of which Lisa does not send SMS to continue the quest. These are events at the beginning of the 30th day, when you return to the first city, New Post takes you to work, and you get to know Ira. Then you write SMS to Liza.

This update fixed it. If you encounter this bug, you need to load a savegame before leaving North-City, this is the 29th day, then visit New Post and Ira again.

If you have already completed these events in past builds, the bug will not affect your saves.

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