Last Man

Last Man 2.86 and Public Update

Today we have updated club and public versions of the game. Some locations from early access became available to everyone.

Added continuation of a large final quest with Vera. Finally we will get to the purpose of the trip, maybe even find out a little more about what happened to the world. Also additional hidden events were added to this trip, with different passing options.

Also some more events with Alina were updated. They received a new code and dialogues, which should better reveal the character and motives of the girl.

Updated translations into Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Thanks to all those guys and girls who help me in this not easy task. Also updated the localization system itself. The code has been optimized, and should cause less problems in case of possible errors.

Added support for the new stat system for our hero, about which I was written in my author column. While it remains in testing and will be launched in waves for random accounts.

Some minor bugs with the hero’s base and the skip button for sex scenes were fixed.

This game is multilingual: RU/EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PL/GR/RO/TR/UA/CN/KR/AR. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here.

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Public build 2.86 (PC and Android/macOS)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

Private Club build 2.86 (PC and Android/macOS)

The full list of changes and download links are available in Private Club.

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13 thoughts on “Last Man 2.86 and Public Update

  1. Prolaznik says:

    I know that saving in the middle of a day doesn’t work in the first part of a game. However, the second part of day 22 is in the new city, so I hoped…
    After meeting with Oksana, an animation shows up, as if the game was saved. But, when you revert to day 22, you get the very beginning, in the wood. That’s a nuissance. It would be nice if the game could be saved on that place. But if it’s impossible, then the animation should be removed…

    Don’t know how much time after the incident, I returned to saving only at the beginning. However, some of my daily saves became unloadable. SOME, not ALL! (33 and 34; 35 sometimes succesfully loads, somethimes not)
    It’s not really a problem to me, I’d abandon those saves anyway. However, I wanted to report…

    I don’t know how long I’ll persist in NOT overwriting those saves. If you wanna check them – be quick :D! Cheers

    1. Vortex says:

      There are no save points and animations in the events of Oksana. But you are right with the 22nd day, the load of the save game does not work correctly. I will fix this in the next build.
      If you have any other problems with the game – fill the bug tracker.

      1. Prolaznik says:

        You’re right, there is no animation in “once a day” regime. Obviously, I was in “save after each event” regime, when I saw the animation…
        When it concerns bug tracker, there is nothing that I could positively report as a bug. On the contrary, most “bugs” are probably “features”. And discussion here is better, since we can hear more opinions…
        I played both 2.85 and 2.86 for short time and have a subjective experience that 2.86 is MUCH WORSE, Lets go through some issues, one by one,,,

        a) I reverted from “saving after events” to “saving once a day”. Now I can load the position after I went out, instead of the position immediately before awakening. That’s very, very, VERY BAD. Don’t know whether individual player can change the moment of daily saving; if not, PLEASE seriously consider reverting to old feature – saving (and loading) position at the very beginning of a day.

        b) There is no magazine in the first room of the police station. If that’s a new feature – I like it. If it’s a bug, I want to report it.

        c) In the first visit to Alina, you have no possibility to leave the can to her; it was always that way.
        In the second visit to Alina, you have can leave the can to her, but that will not provide you a breakfast tomorrow; it was always that way, too.
        However, missing the breakfast wasn’t so costly before as it is now. Should it remain that way?

        d) Apparently, each additional visit to warehouse is more expensive. Should it be in developing game?
        Sometimes you need to bide the time, while waiting for a certain event. For example, in earlier version, I was waiting for SMS from Vera. For unknown reason, there wasn’t the SMS. I’ve ate the can and went for new one; repeated the procedure, until SMS finally came…
        This way, with small trick, I provided normal continuation of the game. Now, such a possibility doesn’t exist; we may still need it…

        e) Have you changed the randomizing algorithm of exploring the city? It seems much more predictable now. And it seems that exploring is significantly less profitable than before…
        What’s your intention?

        f) As I previously said, something is wrong with saves. Some of them are can’t load.

        Forgive me if such discussion is boring to you. But it’s interesting to players…

        1. Vortex says:

          a) when you set “save once a day”, the game is saved immediately after entering the city map in the morning. So all day ahead. The evening, overnight, and morning event with a girl is counted as one and there is no save point. Previously it was possible to load savegame in the girl’s home in the morning, but this was removed from the game.
          Now you can choose to save after each event or once in the morning. But it only happens on the city map anyway.

          b) all magazines in place)

          с) Indeed, it needs to be revised. I will do this after I finish the new skill system. Perhaps the system with hunger will be changed too.

          d) Yes, visiting the warehouse requires more and more action points after each time. Until the hero rests at night. This is done so that you do other quests while waiting for a sms or a call from a girl. In the coming updates, the city exploration will also update all quests trigers, if you do not want to start another event while waiting.

          e) This algorithm has not changed. The more often you explore the same city, the less the hero finds useful (For example, if you explore the city two days in a row, then later you will not find anything in this city). If you travel to different cities to explore, or do not explore for a long time, then this effect is discarded.

          f) report it to bugtraker with days numbers, so I can check and fix it.

  2. Prolaznik says:

    Thanks for detailed answer.

    a) This is a very important issue. I’d like to keep a privilege to address it later. It would be nice if you make a poll at proper place in the club (and make results public). I am predicting that vast majority of players would strongly prefer to load the game immediately before awakening…

    b) I can’t prove it by sending a screenshot, because the picture is same whether I took the magazine, or whether there wasn’t it in the first place. However, I am claiming – there was a magazine below the right end of the right window. Now it’s missing.
    I’ll report it to bugtracker…

    d) Though not satisfied with the outcome, I appreciate your explanation.

    e) Oh, now I understand, thanks

    f) I didn’t do it because I could overwrite them in any moment. Then it will look as a false alarm… (days 33 and 34, for example; I don’t know whether they will be there when you decide to look at them)

    1. Vortex says:

      a) New design of locations implies save points only on a map of cities. The only exception is the new apartment of the main character in the first city and some multi-day quests outside the cities.
      b) I sent you the answer to the bugreport with a screenshot, the magazine is in place 🙂

      1. Prolaznik says:

        That’s VERY interesting! Haven’t the slightest idea about cause, but on my machine, the magazine doesn’t exist. I revisited the bugtracker and tried to send a proof. (A movie that show how I am opening the day 22 and whole play up to entering the police station. Later I am going to main menu, so you can see that it’s version 2.86)
        However, something went wrong, so I don’t know whether the sending was successful. The movie has 22MB. So, with MIME encoding, it would be significantly bigger, so I can’t send it by email. Can a 22MB long file be uploaded to your server?

        Forgive me, but I can’t wait the answer, I’ll try once more. If you receive two copies of the same file – my apologies…
        (My god, it seems that limit is 20MB…)

        Note: I am talking about version 2.86 only. In version 2.85, the magazine was there, as always…

        1. Vortex says:

          Maybe you already visited PD before in this gamesave. It will not be displayed on second run, even if you forgot to took it. I checked again and there is no bug with that magazine.

          1. Prolaznik says:

            If I understand well, your hypothesis is:

            i) I was on the “save after each event” regime

            ii) I made a walk through the level not taking the magazine near the abandoned car, not taking the magazine in the New Post, but I did take the magazine in the Police Station

            iii) When finished in PS, I went out and the position is saved

            iv) Due to peculiarity of level 22, user always starts from the beginning, even if the game was saved much later

            v) So whenever I start day 22, I am getting the points I had on the end of day 21, but the separate fact that I took the magazine is recorded and remembered…

            Comment on i) – Yes I was
            Comment on ii) – It isn’t likely, but also isn’t totally impossible

            All in all, you hypothesis isn’t very convincing, but it can’t be discarded without further thought. It would be best if you make copies of my days 22 and 32-35, before I overwrite them.
            So later – IF and WHEN you find a time and interest – you can make the test. You can load my day 22 on your machine and see whether the magazine will show up, or not. This test would clarify things…

            On my side, I already started the game from day 11 and I’ll be ready to proceed to the chapter V, as soon as I hear that the copies are made. And I’ll see the magazine or the lack of it.

            Please, make the copies and let me know…

          2. Prolaznik says:

            You said nothing further, probably because you spotted the major flow of your idea.
            The very first scene in Northern City is Masha’s shed. The very second is outdoor screen with abandoned car and magazine right of the car. The fact that I can take the magazine proves that NOTHING after first meeting with Masha isn’t previously saved.
            So there IS a bug with Police Station magazine, even if you haven’t spotted it so far…

            Is it really so tedious to take few copies of some player’s gamesaves (my days 22, 32, 33, 34, 35), just in case? I’d do it if I could.
            (Forgive me for being so persistent, but I’m REALLY curious…)

            1. Vortex says:

              Just continue the game, if the magazine bug is confirmed, contact me through the bugtracker. So far I have checked, and all collectibles in the game are in place.
              You have empty files in days 33 and 34, so they are not loaded. The rest of the days are fine. Just overwrite them with a new run.

              1. Prolaznik says:

                As I said, there is no legitimate way for third magazine (in the day 22) to become unavailable, if the first one remains available. Yet, you were right in your judgment that my saved position contained such anomaly. I played everything again (from day 11, where non-linearity begins) and reached day 22. I played it and there was no problems with PQ magazine (or any other). Cheers!

                I should report it much before, but I just couldn’t stop playing! I’m temporarily stuck in Leesburg, so I am using the opportunity to report… 😀

  3. hohmach says:

    Отличнейшая игра)) Достойный труд и хорошая реализация! Появляюсь иногда, но ни разу не разочаровали))) Браво!

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