Last Man

Last Man 2.90 and Public Update

Today we have updated club and public versions of the game. Some locations and events become available to everyone.

The continuation of the Ruby’s quest in the third city has become available. At her request, we will be able to go to the Camp in the north. We still have to find out why they left it and where all the people went. This location also has a hidden branch for those who play attentively.

The scene at Nika’s apartment was completely rewritten, after she had been visited by unknown. An event with a safe received a new riddle and support for a new skill system. Now the hero will be able to give you a hint or solve it completely himself, depending on the number of Intellect points. Of course, you can do it yourself, in the old fashioned way.

The same update received a scene in the Alina’s basement. The riddle has left old, but the procedure for entering a response on the computer has been updated. A passage to the basement can now be unlocked by using the strenght of the hero, instead of crowbar. Several overnight stays at Alina’s home were updated. The girl received new actions and additional dialogues. She is now more clearly points to alternative ways of passing her storyline.

Updated some scenes with Natasha at the New Post, related to the opening of the hero’s Base. Rewards and dialogues have been expanded and take into account your actions in other quests for this girl.

The hearts showing the number of action points have been replaced by the Energy parameter. The UI has been updated, and now it shows how much energy you have left and how much was at the beginning of the day. I remind you that the amount of energy depends on your hero level and Endurance, which you have chosen by yourself. Also, a note of the number of unlocked days will now be displayed much less frequently.

Minor changes were made to locations with roadblocks in the first city and to the event with girls who was taking pictures of each other.

Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, Polish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish. Thanks to those guys and girls who help me in this difficult task.

This game is multilingual: RU/EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PL/GR/RO/TR/UA/CN/KR/AR. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here.

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Public build 2.90 (PC and Android/macOS)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

Private Club build 2.90 (PC and Android/macOS)

The full list of changes and download links are available in Private Club.

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