Last Man

Last Man 2.93

As usual, the last build of the month is dedicated to bug fixes and scene improvements.

Updated the scene of meeting with Alexa in the casino. This is the girl who will start the Poker Tournament event. She received new code and additional dialogs.

Updated scene of a trip with Vera to North-City. She will tell you more about her captivity in New Post, and you can ask additional questions.

A big update was received by one of the late events with Oksana, with a sex dinner. Several scenes were merged into one, the order of actions and dialogs was changed.

The first flashback with Kate in a car and a trip to the Scientific Center on assignment from New Post received minor improvements.

A new hint system for beginners has appeared. It will gradually teach about hunger, inventory, unlocking days, and so on.

The first two chapters get some new textures and sound effects. In the first day, the animation of Nastya was fixed.

Multiplayer event at the Casino will now be available only from the 35th gaming day. In total, players have already collected almost 80 million of virtual currency. So hurry if you want to get a memorable achievement. I think the collection will be over in the coming days.

Fixed a bug due to which some players did not get overnight events in a Dorm. Also, a small correction was made to the system for skipping sex scenes and the description of unlocking cells in a bank.

Some minor changes to the UI games.

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Public build 2.93 (PC and Android/macOS)

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Private Club build 2.93 (PC and Android/macOS)

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