Last Man

Last Man 3.02

In this build, the storyline with Ruby, a girl from auto service, received an alternative way. Earlier in this event there were already several options for the development of events, for example, if you immediately respond to her request, or postpone it for later. Now there is an option when you deliberately ignore her request, and later you’ll find out what this lead to.

Another change that you’ve asked for a long time. Now it is possible to specify the name of your character by yourself and in the game everyone will contact you by your name. So you can more deeply roleplay your hero. In this regard, the game will show you the character’s window, where you can set a name and, if you want, redistribute the hero’s abilities points once again. Full support for this function so far is only in English and partially it also works in several other translations. In the next few builds, this will apply to all translations.

Two past scenes also received updates. It is one of the flashbacks with Kate and about work of our hero and, also, the final scene in the CARMA camp. These events received new code and updated dialogs.

A critical bug was fixed that prevented getting to the map after one of the overnights. Fixed a rare problem when there is not enough energy to leave the city on the 21st day. Also, minor corrections were made to some other flashbacks in the game.

In my author’s column you will find a big post about the upcoming updates of the Hero’s Base. If you have your own ideas, it’s time to leave them in the comments.

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Public build 3.02 (PC and Android/macOS)

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Private Club build 3.02 (PC and Android/macOS)

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