Last Man

Last Man 3.37

A gradual renewal of the Poker Tournament has begun. All game mechanics will be replaced with standard blackjack rules. As before, this will be accompanied by a striptease and to win you will need to strip the rival girl to the end.

The poker tournament can now be limited to a couple of games per game day. This will give you time to do other quests too. Quests related to the tournament: about the robbery of the casino, meeting with Olga and continuing the storyline with Naomi and her sister will continue to work as before.

The new mechanic may not be active on all accounts at once.

The storyline with Hermione got its place on the Quests List. There you can now find all the tips from the girl, and check at which stage you stop. Additional tips were also added to some other tasks.

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Last Man v 3.37 (Windows, Android, macOS)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

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