Last Man

Last Man 3.48 (UPDATED 3)

UPDATE: bugfix 3.481 added

UPDATE 2: build 3.482, crashes fixed, sawmill quests added

Another major update to the game mechanics, both from the client and server side. Loading of gamesaves and locations has been accelerated several times. The game client has decreased by 100 megabytes.

Some quests have received additional branches, depending on your actions. Now in development is an updated office from the first chapters. So you still have time to replay it before it is deleted. Perhaps the whole storyline with Olga will disappear 🙂

Some lost events that were triggered too rarely have returned.

Updated Spanish, Italian, Polish and Korean translations.

This game is multilingual: EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/RU/PL/GR/RO/TR/UA/CN/KR. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here.

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Last Man v 3.48 (Windows, Android, macOS)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

6 thoughts on “Last Man 3.48 (UPDATED 3)

  1. Patrick Wren says:

    Just updated to 3.48, and now when I try to go to my base the game crashes. Below is the Code Error report:

    1. Vortex says:

      Please, fill bug tracker. Add game day number that crash.

  2. euphoriaOne says:

    будет ли в игре shemale контент?

    1. Vortex says:

      Такого не будет

      1. JM454 says:

        Hello vortex can you help me, i cannot log-in into the game. How to logi-in in the game
        what is that mean that Fill out the fields what is that suppose to mean i cannot play the game help me.

        1. Vortex says:

          Update your game. You downloaded something too old.

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