Last Man

Last Man 3.59

In the last build, we added a continuation of Hermione’s story, about her past and why she behaves a little strange in relation to our hero. The story turned out to be unusual and we are glad that many players liked it.

In today’s update, you will find a new overnight stay in the Dorm, in the third city. A couple of new girls you’ll meet there will combine the stories of Dorm and Hermione, which will soon lead us to the climax of her entire storyline.

The translations of the game into some languages ​​have also been updated.

Improved work with the memory of the game, and fixed some bugs.

This game is multilingual: EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/RU/PL/GR/RO/TR/UA/CN/KR. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here.

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Last Man v 3.59 (Windows, Android, macOS)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

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