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My short vacation is over, and I back to active work.

Many of you have been playing Last Man for a long time, regularly, or with interruptions, returning to go through new story events. This month there will be something interesting for you. I want to expand the number of “New Game +” elements in the game that will help you in adventure.

For example, those who have access to the Hero’s Base, know that if you level up girls, sending them on missions, they will start to bring more money and loot. And, if you load older saves, or even start the game from the beginning, then the progress of missions will not disappear and the girls will not lose their levels or sets of armor and weapons.

The same thing, a few updates back, was done with the Pink Rhino club. If you have completed the story quests for its opening, it will begin to bring you dividends, and they will gradually grow. This will happen regardless of your saves, because, the progress of the Hero’s Base and Pink Rhino Club is tied to your account.

The same will be with the reputation of the hero from different gaming factions. If you have already completed many quests for the New Post, but decided to start the game from the beginning, they will continue to give you more small quests and additional rewards.

With the introduction of a full-fledged “New Game +” system, I’m going to remove the limitation of game days. The game will also be story-oriented, and you will not be able to stay in the Casino for 4 years. But if you confidently advance on the plot, and perform secondary tasks, then the game will gradually increase the number of available game days.

More details about each of these novelties you can read in the news on the site, when they will be launched in the game. In the meantime, you can also offer your ideas, for adding to the new system.

5 thoughts on “New Game +

  1. kireta03 says:

    what’s the computer spec for this game?

    1. Vortex says:

      Any PC with 2GB ram.

      1. kireta03 says:

        minimal windows? i used windows XP

        1. Vortex says:

          Windows XP has not been supported by microsoft and modern compilers for a long time. I can not fix it on my part 🙂

          1. kireta03 says:

            oke thanx be 4,,so i must change my OS windows

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