Red Pill

Red Pill / 0.06 pre-alpha

I’m working on a new Red Pill game.┬áThe game will have a deep and interesting story, the accomplishment of the quests can be various, and from the initial parameters of the hero will depend on how the events will turn. Also other game characters will remember and evaluate your actions. They can be grateful for help, or take offence if they notice that you have deceived them.

In this version of the game, the scene was continued at home, and a new one was added at the office. Some past scenes were updated. Added a pause, inventory and save menu (the saves themselves are disabled). Added more voice events and updated fonts. The work of the city map has been improved.

I remind you that the game is at an early stage of development, and most options are still inactive.

You can download the game on the Private Club page.

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