Red Pill

Red Pill 0.24 Alpha

With this build we are restarting Red Pill. The game received new graphics, animation, an updated plot and much more. Club players could already try some new locations, and now they have become available to everyone.

This game tells the story of a guy who was unexpectedly invited to a secret organization, and their goals and capabilities exceed anything he could imagine.

You have to… oh, of course I will not spoil your adventures 🙂 I will just say that you will find many quests in various locations, interesting enemies and charming girls.

In this build you will find the introduction and part of the first mission of our hero. Compared to the previous build, the updated storyline is now more compact and storyline events start much faster. I can’t wait to tell you what’s next.

Of the secondary locations in this build, the Bar and the Cafe are active.

This game is multilingual: EN/RU. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here.

If you like this game, support its development, join our club and receive additional rewards 🙂

Red Pill v 0.24 Alpha (Windows, Android)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

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