For whom this game?
For those who are going to put off all conventions and hot melt the ice in relationship. For those who have not tried a variety of toys in the bedroom and is going to offer this to the partner with the most simple and interesting way.

What is this game?
The game is designed to play together with partner, where each performs the task given to him/her one by one. It doesn’t matter, you live together for a long time, just started dating, or even become acquainted – the game will certainly bring something interesting and new in your relationship.

Playing you will receive tasks that you will need to do with your partner. From harmless kisses to immodest sex scenes.

The game has a fine setting, you will be able to indicate what is normal for you, and what is unacceptable, what sex toys do you have. The game even takes into account what kind of clothes you are wearing.

This game is multilingual: RU/EN/DE/PL
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS

What is new?


  • Added new toys and a lot of tasks with them.
  • Some boring or confusing tasks recycled or removed completely, the gameplay is now well balanced.
  • Tasks that need to be done in a few days after the game, improved and transferred to a separate section in the game store. They cost a lot points, but they bring a lot of fun.


  • The new feature “Surprises” will diversifies the game even more, randomly changing the rules.
  • Game Shop redesigned – now there are only useful and interesting ways to spend points.

Challenges mode:

  • You cannot think up of something to please your partner, or just want to try something new or unusual? Here you can receive weekly number of new challenges. The more you finish them, the more they will become immodest.

The new interface:

  • Designed in dark colors, so it’s convenient to play the same at daytime and at night. The game will not dazzle your eyes.
  • Want to quickly start the game without much configuration? Now, the game remembers how you played the last time, and will put the same settings for a new game (they can be change at will). You can even continue from the same place, if you was intermit in the process.
  • More tips in the interface. Undetermined settings and purchase in the game store now with a full description.


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Windows – download and pay by PayPal or card directly from our website.
Android – download and pay by PayPal or card directly from our website.
iOS – Apple App Store
Mac OS X – Apple Mac App Store