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We have moved all settings and links from the start screen to a separate "Settings" menu. There, you can change your gaming account or subscription, switch the game language, or adjust fullscreen mode settings. You will also find a link to all the latest news about Last Man, including a list of changes. Additionally, we have implemented the previously mentioned changes

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This update introduces a vast array of changes to the game. It includes new locations, NPCs, mechanics, and a revamped UI. Let's delve into some of them. The Red Pill swallowed by our main character is a high-tech chip that can grant him a variety of abilities. He will be able to read the emotional states of girls, expanding dialogues, see

🎉 We've hit a small milestone with the 400th released builds of the game! And that's not even counting the numerous hotfixes and server patches. We're thrilled that you're still playing, and we promise to keep the support coming with exciting content updates. 🚀 Today, we're rolling out updates for both the main game and the Countdown DLC. 🔥 The DLC continues

In this build, we continued to work on the Countdown DLC and make changes to the main game. The Beach location has become active, where you can meet a new girl. The events at the spa salon and our hero’s attempts to get a job as a massage therapist were slightly improved. Some improvements affected the main storylines in the main game.

Introducing the new major update for the game. It includes new locations, characters, quests, and various mechanics. Due to this significant update, old versions of the game will no longer be supported and have been disabled. To continue playing, you need to download the new version. Your saved progress remains compatible and active. One of the major new locations is the

We have prepared a big Countdown DLC update. It includes new events, girls and game mechanics. So, having got a job at a spa salon, our hero will be able to improve his profession as a massage therapist. And the higher your skill, the further your pretty girls-clients will allow you to go. And the higher your salary and tips will

(UPDFATED 3.97.1) More fixes (UPDFATED 3.97.2) More fixes At the beginning of the month, we already released a big update for the game's DLC with new locations and girls. But there are some bugfixes that we would like to introduce in this build. At the same time, we are adding new girls to the Casino location that will brighten up your time while