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June 2016

[su_note note_color="#e9e9e9" radius="0"]Spicy Bundle Get a set of two games: Dare to Play 2 and PARTY 18 with 20% discount Click here >> [/su_note] Version 2.1: New: - New pack of tasks! - Windows and Mac OS X versions - Activation fix - Bug fixes - UI updates Daring end of the party! Adults only! For whom this game? For the brave and open-minded, for those who is uninhibited, for those who want

Today we have a continuation of the main storyline. We continue our adventure with Julia. In this update, you will see not common scene, I added a bit of interactive action. I look forward for your feedbacks in the comments whether to add more same scenes in the game. To see updates you still have to start with the last storyline

In this build we have a big update of the storyline with Lilu, the girl, with whom we met on the Internet on the dating site. Added three new scenes, and she asks our hero about help. If you pass all the new and old scenes with Lilu before departure with Julia in the 9th chapter, you'll see a small bonus

Скачать: Google Play - Android Apple App Store - iOS Apple Mac App Store - Mac OS X Версия 1.1: - Новая порция вопросов для викторины и заданий для игроков. Новая игра «Quiz: Adult Edition» позволит весело, интересно и интригующе провести время. Один вопрос. Четыре варианта ответа и только один правильный. Веселая викторина «Quiz: Adult Edition» для игры как одному, так и компанией до 8 человек.

I'm still working on a story with Julia, that’s why today we have an update for the previous chapter. But in future updates, it may be transfer to the next chapter. With the progress saving. You will have a new task from Lina, owner of the Club, someone have heavy debts, and you will be able to solve a problem in