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Last Man

💖 Romance: Amanda, the new girl from the DLC Countdown, received two new exciting story scenes! You can find them if you have completed her previous events and invited her to live with you. Try to build a relationship with this stunning beauty. Don’t miss out on such a captivating character! 🛠️ Performance Enhancements: We have improved some of the game’s

💖 Romance: Amanda, the beauty introduced in the last build, had a little issue with saving her progress. Now, she's back on track and ready for more with new event! You can invite her to live with you and see if you can build a meaningful relationship. 🧹 Housekeeping: Due to a minor bug, the cleaning ladies were not available for

In this update, we've focused on enhancing the casino, both in the main story and in the Countdown DLC. In the DLC, you'll encounter a special event in the casino. A new girl awaits you and she's ready to meet you outside the casino if you manage to beat her. The game will mark the casino location with a quest icon

In this build, we have significantly improved the game's UI. All the menus you will need during gameplay have been moved to a separate window, accessible via the phone icon. They are grouped into blocks. Main mechanics include Inventory, Contacts, and Map. Game completion assistance features the Quest List, 100% Walkthrough, and Cheats. There is also a collectibles section featuring an

We have started working on a major UI update for the game. This will entail updates to some mechanics as well; for example, players will be able to engage more closely with certain storyline characters beyond just their scenes. This change will affect both the base game and DLC. This functionality is currently in a testing phase in this build

In this build, we continue the storyline of Lucy, who was assigned to follow our heroes. These events take place in the Countdown DLC, and are a prequel to the main events of the game. The main game also received some changes. So, Nika’s storyline received a different ending. And her neighbor Irene will tell us a little more details about

We continue the story of Lucy from the Countdown DLC. This girl is doing everything possible to gain the trust of our hero and draw him into her secret games. As in previous scenes with her, you will have several options for passing, with different endings. Where you can be friendly with her, or conversely, rude and even lead her to

In this update, new content has been added to the Countdown DLC, and some errors in the main game have been fixed. You've probably already met Lucy, the neighbor who was introduced to keep an eye on our hero. But what if she had been following us all this time across all the locations, and finally got caught? She's a very