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Last Man

In this build, we have prepared the game for the launch of the DLC we have been working lately. Its events will tell you the story a little before the epidemic, and reveal some interesting details. But we will tell you more about it with the next update of the game. We have also added some quests and added new options

We are starting our Spring Sale. Any level of Premium subscription can be obtained with a 20% discount. Moreover, if you subscribe immediately for 3 or 6 months, then you will get them with this discount too. This offer will be active for one week only and will end on April 12th. One subscription covers all of our games. Don't

This build includes urgent fixes. There was a situation where players could get stuck on the city map without the ability to continue playing, which occurred with a certain combination of quests. The game will forcibly update problematic builds. In addition to that, some gameplay changes were made: After the story escape from the first city, you now need to meet with

This build added a big entertaining event consisting of two scenes with a new girl. She will come to your home, after ordering in the Cleaning section of the store. I'll remind you that these events are no longer triggered randomly. And they can be replayed if you failed the first time. To do this, you just need to go to

In this build, we started updating the PromZone casino in the first city of the game. The meaning of the game will remain the same as before in the strip game with girls, but we will add new events to this location. Initially, now only a few girls will be available for the game, and new more experienced girls will come

A new batch of gameplay changes. Some of them are aimed at increasing the amount of energy available to you: The minimum energy level is now 4. Even if you created a hero with a stamina parameter of 1. This option will be enabled starting from the 11th day, after the completion of the introductory part of the game. New

We are starting to make those changes that we wrote about in the New Year's post. The game received a different save system and an improved New Game + mode. It will be able to store significantly more data for transferring to a new game and will be able to simplify and diversify your gameplay. The previous save mode has been

In the last build, we made a lot of changes to the gameplay. So in this update we have focused on fixing the bugs you found. Minor bugs and game freezes in some places have been fixed. Don't forget to report any errors you find via the bugtracker so we can fix them faster. But this is not all the changes that