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Last Man

We are constantly working on expanding the capabilities of our games by adding various functionality and gameplay features. To remove all restrictions, we will soon launch separate websites and servers for each game. However, you will still be able to play any of our games with a single account (both Premium or free), just like now. To do this, when you

In this update, we continue to work on quests to make their sequence more interesting. Some scenes with girls have also been updated. The game has been optimized so that it should work better on weaker devices. And also it began to take up a little less disk space. In the near future we are launching our new gaming projects, and for this

In this build, we have updated some of the game's systems for improved compatibility with new OS versions, for Windows and Android. The macOS version is currently in testing and will be back soon. The server part of the game has also been updated in preparation for the release of the new Hero Base. We talked about it in previous updates. Some

In this build, the end of the story quest with the kidnapping of Dasha was added. If you have already agreed to the terms of the kidnappers, they will send a message with instructions on how to continue the quest. The Quest List itself has also been updated. It has been updated with new tips. UI improvements have been made in some

In this update, you can find a small continuation of the storyline of Sveta, our hero's boss in his office. The event is triggered when you visit the Sawmill, and is available if you have completed previous events with this girl (visited the office, found a flash drive with her personal photos). We also worked on the engine, the game should

We continue to update the functionality of the game. In the last build, we improved the quest system so that it shows which quest you are working on in a given location. It now also displays additional objectives that can be completed. We've removed auto animation from some of the sex scenes where it was. Instead, the meter will fill faster in

In this build, the quest system received a big update. In addition to detailed hints for all tasks in the Quests List, hints will also be shown right in the process of passing events. Also, information about the quest name that you are currently doing at the location will be additionally displayed. As testing progresses, this system will be updated with new

In the new build, we continue to reveal the history of CARMA and the secrets of Alina. The quest Alina's Secret has been updated with new details and dialogues. We have also started updating the entire quest system of the game. It will be changed so that it is more convenient for you to keep track of where you are and what