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Last Man

We continue to update the functionality of the game. In the last build, we improved the quest system so that it shows which quest you are working on in a given location. It now also displays additional objectives that can be completed. We've removed auto animation from some of the sex scenes where it was. Instead, the meter will fill faster in

In this build, the quest system received a big update. In addition to detailed hints for all tasks in the Quests List, hints will also be shown right in the process of passing events. Also, information about the quest name that you are currently doing at the location will be additionally displayed. As testing progresses, this system will be updated with new

In the new build, we continue to reveal the history of CARMA and the secrets of Alina. The quest Alina's Secret has been updated with new details and dialogues. We have also started updating the entire quest system of the game. It will be changed so that it is more convenient for you to keep track of where you are and what

We continue to update the game engine and various functionality. Improved the selection of quests so that you always have something to do. Added missing steps in the Quests List and “100% Walkthrough” section. Some quests have been slightly branched and can be completed in different ways. Added mini-events about some of the characters in the game, where you can learn more

In this build you will find improvements from the last update and some new content. We continued to reveal details about the heroines of the game, and this time you will be able to get to know our hero's boss from his office. The start of new events, of course, is in the office itself and become available from the 35th

Today, as usual in the first week of the month, we release a new build of Last Man. Unfortunately, this update is overshadowed by the situation in Ukraine. Part of our team are Ukrainians, and now they are forced to leave their homes, saving their lives from Russian bombing. I and some other guys from our team living in Europe threw

In the new build, the quest system has been updated, new steps and tips have been added. Some fixes have been made to the new gamesaves menu. Due to some engine updates, the game lost support for Windows 7, since this OS is no longer officially supported by Microsoft. We are still working on a solution, so if you encounter problems in

This update added a new small quest. It will show what the situation is after the epidemic in other cities where our hero will not be able to visit. This quest is started automatically by the secretary at New Post when you meet her. She may ask you to deliver other correspondence first, if you haven't already. Updated some backgrounds in