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Last Man

A new batch of gameplay changes. Some of them are aimed at increasing the amount of energy available to you: The minimum energy level is now 4. Even if you created a hero with a stamina parameter of 1. This option will be enabled starting from the 11th day, after the completion of the introductory part of the game. New

We are starting to make those changes that we wrote about in the New Year's post. The game received a different save system and an improved New Game + mode. It will be able to store significantly more data for transferring to a new game and will be able to simplify and diversify your gameplay. The previous save mode has been

In the last build, we made a lot of changes to the gameplay. So in this update we have focused on fixing the bugs you found. Minor bugs and game freezes in some places have been fixed. Don't forget to report any errors you find via the bugtracker so we can fix them faster. But this is not all the changes that

In this build, some changes have been made that are intended to improve the gameplay. So now the random city exploration feature will show you in advance if you can find something interesting. At such times, the game will display an exclamation mark on the city explore button. This will allow you not to waste precious energy on trips for nothing. This

This build includes some important gameplay changes. Our hero's house cleaning event is no longer a random event. It can be activated in the store of the first city, in the new department. And we can improve the store itself so that it gets more features. Also, now if you failed to complete all the tasks of the event with the

In this update, we are launching a new storyline in the third city of the game. It will have to fill the gap in activity that sometimes occurs there with some walkthrough ways. The new girl can be met when using the city's exploration function, after which she will start her series of quests. The available quests and their sequence may

We are constantly working on expanding the capabilities of our games by adding various functionality and gameplay features. To remove all restrictions, we will soon launch separate websites and servers for each game. However, you will still be able to play any of our games with a single account (both Premium or free), just like now. To do this, when you

In this update, we continue to work on quests to make their sequence more interesting. Some scenes with girls have also been updated. The game has been optimized so that it should work better on weaker devices. And also it began to take up a little less disk space. In the near future we are launching our new gaming projects, and for this