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December 2021

The year 2021 ends, in which we have worked very actively and soon we will be able to show you big and cool updates to Mageroyal Academy and Red Pill, as well as to some other projects that you have not yet seen. 2022 is going to be awesome! I would like to thank all those who have played and continue

Daring end of the party! Adults only! What’s new in 3.60 (December Pack): If two performers are indicated in the task, they will both gain or lose points for fulfillment or failure Now the game supports personalized instructions up to 4 people simultaneously in one task Improved task selection system for new rules A lot of new tasks for the game!

Let me remind you that there are only last days, until the end of the week, when you can subscribe to Private Club with a discount of up to 20%. And it will also apply to the following months if you choose to pay for 3 or 6 months. One subscription applies to all of our games. Last week came the