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Not Another Teen Game

Not Another Teen Game

Erotic game for adults to play together.

You get cards with activities that you need complite with your opponent. You will earn points if you succeed, and you can spend them in game store.

Activities in the game are very erotic, and become more sexy during the game.

Earned points for completed tasks you can spend: to remove opponent’s clothing, buy back your own clothes, and all sorts of bonuses and boosters.

Game is the best way to take your partner to something new and unleash the relationship, some activities are intended to work even after the game 🙂

The main features of the game:

  • – Hundreds of activities with different fetishes.
  • You choose what fetishes is acceptable for you. Or you can check “random activities”, and the game will surprise you.

  • – Possibility to define what you are wearing and what toys do you have.
  • The game will pick up activities based on your clothes and available toys.

  • – Game automaticly increasing explicitness.
  • Game can take control over your gameplay, or you can manualy increase or reduce explicitness directly in game.

There are no losers in this game!

Download game:
Google Play





Download game:
Google Play

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