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August 2016

[su_note note_color="#e9e9e9" radius="0"]Spicy Bundle Get a set of two games: Dare to Play 2 and PARTY 18 with 20% discount Click here >> [/su_note] Version 2.3: New: - New pack of tasks! - Windows and Mac OS X versions - Activation fix - Bug fixes - UI updates Daring end of the party! Adults only! For whom this game? For the brave and open-minded, for those who is uninhibited, for those who want

In the nearest next updates, I want to finish the ninth chapter of the game, and greatly expand the possibilities of the game, so it will be some really interesting things. In this build, I started correcting different problems that continue for a long time. Now you will see the updated character screen and some other changes in the interface. I

Today, we have two new scenes, and I have changed scenes from the last build just a little. Tension between the New Post and their opponents is growing, and our hero is in the heart of this confrontation. Events of the chapter are moving to the finale. I made changes to the game installer for Windows, now as a default the

Today we have a very small continuation of the storyline, but there are many changes in the game engine. You will continue your mission for the New Post. I also added a new save point at the end of the events of the last build. Finally, I finished the full support of the Chinese language. Thank shxwolf for his help with

Today we have updates to club and the public versions of the game. The public version of the game has been updated to 1.44.1. In it, we continue the 9 chapter, in which our hero go on a mission with the mercenary from the New Post. You will see the new scenes with Julia and also a new game mechanics. Added