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October 2019

The game engine has been updated in this build. It affected many parts of the game, expanded support for devices and operating systems. The file structure has also been slightly modified. Unfortunately, in the past, such updates brought with them some bugs. So, if you notice any oddities, do not hesitate to contact for support through a bug tracker.Some flashbacks

Today we have a continuation of the story quest with the beauty Ruby. The girl who hold the last service station in Leesburg. Earlier, she asked our hero to find her tool box, which is important to her, as the memory of her father. But soon we will find out if everything is really so simple.Also, some other game systems

Daring end of the party! Adults only!What’s new in 2.40 (October Pack):If two performers are indicated in the task, they will both gain or lose points for fulfillment or failureNow the game supports personalized instructions up to 4 people simultaneously in one taskImproved task selection system for new rulesA lot of new tasks for the game!New questionsMore sounds eventsBug fixesWhat

Today we have an update for the club and public versions of the game. Some locations from the early access became available to everyone.With the end of September, the Playmate casino event ended and games with Karen are no longer available. Everyone who previously won will be able to get an additional bonus from the casino. And with this build