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February 2022

Hi everyone! Today we haven't news about our games. In the morning 24th of February Russia has started the full-scaled war against Ukraine! Most of our team are ukrainian and now they're in Ukraine. We hope this terrible times will over asap and everyone will be ok. Stay with us and #StandWithUkraine    

In the new build, the quest system has been updated, new steps and tips have been added. Some fixes have been made to the new gamesaves menu. Due to some engine updates, the game lost support for Windows 7, since this OS is no longer officially supported by Microsoft. We are still working on a solution, so if you encounter problems in

This update added a new small quest. It will show what the situation is after the epidemic in other cities where our hero will not be able to visit. This quest is started automatically by the secretary at New Post when you meet her. She may ask you to deliver other correspondence first, if you haven't already. Updated some backgrounds in