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March 2022

We would like to show you a lot of interesting things that we have been doing in recent months. The Red Pill and Mageroyal Academy teams have been significantly expanded, and the games have moved to the Unity engine and received many new mechanics. Because of the war, we had to change plans, but our guys do not lose heart. Some

In this build you will find improvements from the last update and some new content. We continued to reveal details about the heroines of the game, and this time you will be able to get to know our hero's boss from his office. The start of new events, of course, is in the office itself and become available from the 35th

Today, as usual in the first week of the month, we release a new build of Last Man. Unfortunately, this update is overshadowed by the situation in Ukraine. Part of our team are Ukrainians, and now they are forced to leave their homes, saving their lives from Russian bombing. I and some other guys from our team living in Europe threw