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Mageroyal Academy

In this build, we have continued our work on new features and polishing existing ones. We've added new chapters to the Lovestories of all our characters. In Hellhound Bar, two new quests with Hannah have been introduced, where you can not only dress her up but also undress her ;) Some existing quests and locations have been updated. The door to the

Introducing the new major update for the game. It includes new locations, characters, quests, and various mechanics. Due to this significant update, old versions of the game will no longer be supported and have been disabled. To continue playing, you need to download the new version. Your saved progress remains compatible and active. One of the major new locations is the

We continue to enrich the game with exciting content and features. Two new quests have been added to the Bar. One of them is initiated by the bartender, Gaby, and allows you to participate in a mini-game involving dressing up one of the employees. The second quest involves the bouncer at the entrance – it will modify the functionality of the

In this build, we have introduced a new gameplay mechanic - Love Stories. Our characters will be able to form relationships with some of the NPCs. These will be separate narrative lines, unrelated to the main events. The progress of your relationships will be preserved when starting a new game. We have also added a small quest that will teach you

In the previous build, a bug sneaked in that caused crashes for some players. We have identified and promptly fixed it in this update. Although it was released well ahead of the planned schedule, it still brings some exciting new features. All NPCs now have a new marker above their heads if they have a conversation available for you. This way, you'll

In this build, we worked on various game UI systems and spells. We added talent branch descriptions for our characters with beautiful artwork. It is available when you haven't allocated talent points yet and will help you choose the direction in which you want to develop your characters. All Tier 1 spells for Emma and Kevin are now available. In this build,

In this build, we updated the introductory scenes of some characters. They received new art and narrative adjustments. A new quest has been added in the Academy garden. It unlocks a fast way to move around the garden. To access this quest, you must first meet the librarian Jonesey and complete his tasks. New spells have been added for both heroes and

This major game update brought many changes, both visually and in game mechanics. We have completely updated the UI of the game. This affected absolutely all game systems: quest mode, boss fights, loot, talents, and much more. World maps have been completely reworked. Added a lot of tips for the game. The Cafe and Little Asia locations have received a new design