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Mageroyal Academy

We are actively working on an update for Mageroyal Academy and will be ready to show you new content soon. During this time, the game received a new engine, the mechanics of movement and interaction with objects in locations were updated. Character control has become more responsive, and NPCs are more alive. There are new types of secondary quests, both single

We would like to show you a lot of interesting things that we have been doing in recent months. The Red Pill and Mageroyal Academy teams have been significantly expanded, and the games have moved to the Unity engine and received many new mechanics. Because of the war, we had to change plans, but our guys do not lose heart. Some

In the new build of the game, we have continued the main storyline. A continuation of the second lesson was added, a new location - the headman's room and even a small preview of the new world. In addition, many bugs and game freezes have been fixed. The movement speed of characters has been increased to make it easier to explore large

In the new build, we have a lot of new features and improvements. The night sandbox event with Dolores has been updated and completed. This mode will be expanded significantly soon. In the sandbox, you can choose any of our 4 heroes to visit the locations in which you have already been, chat with the NPCs you met there, and find

In this build, we did a lot of work on the content that was already in the game.  At the very beginning, you will notice an update of Bucher's sex scene with his girlfriend. Now the scene itself is animated 2.5D and you can control it. By moving your finger or mouse across the screen, you can set the pace, and

In this update, you will find a continuation of the main storyline and some improvements in game mechanics. So all four of our heroes return to the academy and went to the director, who will tell them what is happening and what our heroes have yet to face. Isometric action mode has received many improvements. Added WASD control and tips, both on