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Last Man 1.82 Beta

The moving to a new game engine in the previous build was not as unproblematic as its authors promised. I had to spend the whole week checking the whole game and fixing a lot of bugs and problems. Mostly this applies to many places that did not work at all, for example, days 12-19, night in the forest in 21 days, and many others. At the moment the game is fully functional, and you can go through all available events, gaining 100% points.

Other changes were made as well. Added 4 game days in the public and the club version of the game. Now they are limited to 82 and 90 days respectively. This will make game easier for those who for some reason can not fit in the current plot line.

In the 11th day, a more detailed description of the work with the city map was added to help beginners. On the location of the “Shop” in the first city, gift department will point specifically for which girl they will be send. Also was fixed a bug that caused SMS to overlap, and you could miss important information from the girls. At some moments the hero sometimes woke up with fewer lives, this have been corrected too.

Some more changes with the buttons. On the abandoned base of the New Post, in the second city, the buttons sometimes overlapped. Another fix is the dim color of the text on the buttons, that appeared in the previous build of the game.

The work of the game’s Album was slightly improved, and the code of the luncher was updated.

Also was updated and edited translations into Russian, English and Spanish.

As for other gaming platforms: MacOS and iOS version of the game is expected in a couple of days. Android will be delayed for several days, as long as there are problems with stability.

This game is multilingual: RU/EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PL/RO/UA/CN/KR/AR. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here.

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Public build 1.82 (PC)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

Private Club build 1.82 (PC and Android/iOS/Mac OS)

The full list of changes and download links are available in Private Club.

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16 thoughts on “Last Man 1.82 Beta

  1. titfarf says:

    I’m stuck at the 10 day. The game always freeze and reboot my computer when i want to find nicky….
    Is it a bug?

    1. Vortex says:

      This is not game bug. Game can’t reboot your PC. Day 10 working fine.

  2. dant_72 says:

    на 14 день игра вылетает. При попытке после своего дома посетить пром зону, в казино не тратятся действия на игру с девушками. После чего при обновлении на другое событие просто часики песочные вращаются долго, пока игра не вылетает благополучно. Обойти этот глюк так и не удалось.

    1. Vortex says:

      Что конкретно вылетает на 14 день?

      1. dant_72 says:

        собственно написано что игра. Куда уж конкретнее.

        1. Vortex says:

          Я имею ввиду при каких действиях вылетает. Просто при загрузке дня, после нажатия какой-то кнопки, есть ли какое-то сообщение об ошибке и тд.

          1. dant_72 says:

            при переходе на любое действие, часы крутятся и потом вылет. Предшествует закрытию игры, именно посещение пром зоны с девушками. там не тратятся сердечки.

        2. dant_72 says:

          после того как игра закрывается, выскакивает маленькое окошко “Connection Error”

          1. Vortex says:

            Connection Error будет исправлен в следующем билде. Но он не должен мешать пройти игру, он просто срабатывает когда несколько раз на одну и ту же локации заходить.

            1. dant_72 says:

              Результат всегда один-выбрасывает. Что то связано с сердечками действий. Они не отнимаются только на первое случайное событие в промзоне. на остальные бывает не тратится, после чего выбрасывает через некоторое время при других любых действиях. Попробовал по разному. И подряд в промзону заходить, и 1 раз и потом на следующий день. всеравно все повторяется. А поскольку без промзоны играть полноценно не получается, получается печально.

            2. dant_72 says:

              Т.е. реально в промзону нормально без выкида получается зайти если первым выпадает случайное событие №1. Все остальные там встречи ведут неизбежно в выбросу.

              1. Vortex says:

                Можете после посещения промзоны, просто перезагружать сейф, это сбросит посещения промзоны. Сам баг исправлен уже для следующего билда.

  3. bod33k says:

    Since two weeks I can’t play the game (Android) because it asks for an update and on the page there od no possibilities to download it…

    1. Vortex says:

      I’m sorry that this happened. I work closely with the creators of the game engine to restore android version as soon as possible.

      1. bod33k says:

        Yeah and with no success as far as I can see. It’s a pitty. I think you have to options in this case, either remove the feature forcing you to update before you start the game on android at least until the update arrives or stop distributing the game on android alltogether. I cannot play the game on PC anymore so android is my only option and without this version working there is no way I can play the game.

        1. Vortex says:

          The problem is that the old android version of the game can no longer work, the saves format has been changed to support new events in the game. So I had to update all versions of the game at the same time. Unfortunately, with these updates, the game engine became the bottleneck. I managed to fix windows version myself, but not android and mac. At the moment I have already made the necessary corrections for my part, and I have to wait for the fixes from the creators of the game engine.

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