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Last Man 4.11 (+DLC)

Last Man 4.11 (+DLC)

In this build, we have significantly improved the game’s UI. All the menus you will need during gameplay have been moved to a separate window, accessible via the phone icon.

They are grouped into blocks. Main mechanics include Inventory, Contacts, and Map. Game completion assistance features the Quest List, 100% Walkthrough, and Cheats. There is also a collectibles section featuring an Album and Achievements.

Some windows have also been enhanced. For example, in the inventory, there is now space for item descriptions and tips on how to upgrade them.

Some achievements have been adjusted. For instance, you can now finally complete your Playboy collection.

Corrections have been made to the locations, mainly concerning places where you could unintentionally fail a quest or an entire storyline.


This game is multilingual: EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/UA/PL/GR/RO/TR/RU/CN/KR

It is translated by our community. Want to help?


  • Countdown DLC included 
  • A huge number of quests and storylines
  • Three large cities to explore
  • Dozens of lonely girls to interact with
  • Gradual development of the hero
  • Multiplayer events
  • Regular updates with new content

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Download Last Man (Windows, Android, Linux)


Game FAQ

  • May 4, 2024

    Non riesco a ottenere i cheat di gioco pur essendo giocatore con licenza pro

  • Royer86
    May 15, 2024

    I am intrigued to subscribe, but knowing that the game barely functions correctly makes me question if I should. And that new game plus doesn’t work. Am I missing something? I completed the game and wanted to start it again with same character on new game plus, but upon starting the character is new. Do I have to go further in the game when I enter my name?

      • Royer86
        May 15, 2024

        Thanks I understand that. How do I start over from scratch? Because now I have an account, and on my first playthrough I didn’t have.

  • Royer86
    May 15, 2024

    I think I do understand as on my first game didn’t have an account. If now I have an account does the game start from scratch? Or if I choose new game plus the game starts from scratch? I don’t mind starting over with my account now, but I noticed that for example the quest I need bread in the beginning doesn’t start. So I’m not sure what I am playing now. Maybe some help to guide me to how to start over from scratch? Please

  • Juanfranxx
    May 16, 2024

    Buenas soy de Venezuela y me gustaría sabe cómo me puedo convertir en premium aquí no podemos usar tarjeta de crédito pero me gustaría sabe si alguien sabe que me pueda vender o como se activa el premium o como puedo adquirir la membresía en tal caso

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