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May 2024

In this update, we've focused on enhancing the casino, both in the main story and in the Countdown DLC. In the DLC, you'll encounter a special event in the casino. A new girl awaits you and she's ready to meet you outside the casino if you manage to beat her. The game will mark the casino location with a quest icon

💘 Romance: The chemistry with the seductive secretary is heating up! Experience a more direct and engaging storyline as her subtle signals become bold declarations. It’s time to discover where this enticing connection will lead you. 👾 70,001st Century: Propel yourself into the future as the main storyline advances into the 70,001st century. Moving beyond the initial location, you'll delve into

In this build, we have significantly improved the game's UI. All the menus you will need during gameplay have been moved to a separate window, accessible via the phone icon. They are grouped into blocks. Main mechanics include Inventory, Contacts, and Map. Game completion assistance features the Quest List, 100% Walkthrough, and Cheats. There is also a collectibles section featuring an