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Last Man 4.15 (+DLC)

Last Man 4.15 (+DLC)

We continue the captivating story of Amanda in the Countdown DLC. You’ll find new intimate scenes with her and learn some details about her life. The DLC also features improvements in quest selection for a smoother storyline immersion.

In the main game, we’ve also made changes to the quest systems. In the Quest List, started and completed quests are now highlighted in color, making it easier for you to find your current tasks. Progress tracking has also been improved.

We remind you that in the Quest List, you can find all the tasks you’ve started and hints for each step of your current quests. Check it frequently if you’re unsure where to go next.

Updates have also been made to the Contacts List. Previously, you could track your relationship levels with the girls, and some tasks required you to contact them by phone. Now, if a girl is waiting for a call or text from you, her contact will be marked with a quest exclamation mark.

Some mechanics related to the Contacts List have also changed. For instance, when calling Oksana, some players missed the new marker on the map. Now, after calling her, she will no longer instantly appear at the required location but will inform you that she’s heading there. The storyline event will trigger upon your next visit to the map.


This game is multilingual: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Nederlands, Português, Polski, Türkçe, Українська, Русский, 한국어, 简体中文, 繁體中文 and more

It is translated by our community. Want to help?


  • Countdown DLC included 
  • A huge number of quests and storylines
  • Three large cities to explore
  • Dozens of lonely girls to interact with
  • Gradual development of the hero
  • Multiplayer events
  • Regular updates with new content

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  • July 8, 2024

    Игра забавная ! Почему все секси сцены начинаются с миньета ??
    А может куни добавить ? И обнимашки целовашки ..
    А то какое-то порно сплошное ..
    Хотелось бы романтику добавить !

  • July 9, 2024


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