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Mageroyal Academy 0.340

Mageroyal Academy 0.340

This build received a large portion of new features and changes.

📖 Dolores’s Spiritual Journey: Hey adventurers! Dolores, our devout student, has an entirely new story for you to explore. Join her on a quest to uncover the mysteries of her Cult, participate in their unique rituals, and enjoy a brand-new intimate scene. Dive in and get to know Dolores on a whole new level!

🥋 Kim’s Ultimate Combat Challenge: Get ready to meet Kim, the fierce martial arts enthusiast hiding in the catacombs beneath the Academy. She has thrilling new quests and will challenge you to the exciting Spellcasting Tournament – a competition where clothes might just be optional! Uncover her story and show off your spellcasting skills.

🔮 Power Up with Item Stats: The wait is over! The item stats system is now live. Collect and equip powerful items to boost your character’s abilities. Get ready to become the ultimate hero!

🐰 White Rabbit Quest Enhancements: Our White Rabbit quest just got even better! Now, not only can you earn daily platinum coins, but you also get to unlock the second tab of your inventory. More space for your treasures!



  • A huge number of quests and storylines
  • Several magical worlds to explore
  • Dozens of NPCs and hundreds of quests
  • Developing your heroes with talent trees and itemization
  • Multiplayer events
  • Regular updates with new content

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