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December 2019

In the last build, the system for saving data in locations was changed, and with this update all locations received support for this system. So now, locations can have dozens of events that are not related to each other, and if you missed any of them, you did not have enough game money or hero parameters, you can return there

In this build, an abandoned train station in the second city received some attention. In one of the trips there a new meeting awaits you. A new event can starts in the second half of the game, and does not require any preliminary quests. The adventure begins with the fact that your hero notices someone is watching him.A new system

What's new in 3.00 (December pack)?New game mode "Challenges"New game mode "Truth or Dare"New tasks for the game!More "Questions" for your opponentWe Share DLC in dev modeAdded German and Polish beta translationsBugs fixedTry something new with your couple this weekend ;)Click here to get more information or download this game.For whom this game?You are a couple of lovers who are

Daring end of the party! Adults only!What’s new in 2.50 (December Pack):If two performers are indicated in the task, they will both gain or lose points for fulfillment or failureNow the game supports personalized instructions up to 4 people simultaneously in one taskImproved task selection system for new rulesA lot of new tasks for the game!New questionsMore sounds eventsBug fixesWhat

Today we have an update of the club and public versions of the game. Some locations and features from early access became available to everyone.An alternative route has been added for completing the first mission with Julia, when the New Post sends you to eliminate the threat from CARMA. Depending on the parameters of your hero, the girl will react