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Red Pill

💘 Romance: The chemistry with the seductive secretary is heating up! Experience a more direct and engaging storyline as her subtle signals become bold declarations. It’s time to discover where this enticing connection will lead you. 👾 70,001st Century: Propel yourself into the future as the main storyline advances into the 70,001st century. Moving beyond the initial location, you'll delve into

Two new eras have been added to the game in the distant future. New exciting riddles and secrets await you there. You can get there after talking with Chuck. He himself received a contact on his phone where you can track your progress. The Laboratory received some improvements in the 22nd century. It now works in sandbox mode, so you can

This update introduces a vast array of changes to the game. It includes new locations, NPCs, mechanics, and a revamped UI. Let's delve into some of them. The Red Pill swallowed by our main character is a high-tech chip that can grant him a variety of abilities. He will be able to read the emotional states of girls, expanding dialogues, see

In this build, Dana – the secretary from the office where our hero works – has received her own storyline. It seems that this hot lady is involved in an affair on the side. Will you take advantage of the situation before her husband finds out? The Agency's base has been expanded with new locations, including Niels's office, the one who

In this build, we have continued our efforts to enhance various internal game systems and expand the list of available locations. Two new floors have been added to the Agency and the 22nd-century Trade Center. Additionally, new NPCs with their own unique stories have been introduced. NPCs will now display an icon above their heads when they have a conversation available for

In this version of the game, there are numerous changes both in gameplay and internal mechanics. A continuation of the main storyline has been introduced. You will be able to visit the Scientific Center a hundred years in the future, with two different paths to explore. Additionally, a sandbox mode has been added to the Agency, where you can interact more closely

In this build, several plot scenes have been added that continue the main quest line. You will be able to visit the secret organization from which Niels arrived. In addition, we have updated some of the secondary quests. You can find out how many secrets you have already found in the current build in the pause menu or at the end

In this build of the game you will find a new location - the Science Center. Where you can continue the main storyline with the task from Niels. The lovely lab assistant Jessie, who works there, will take you there. The Science Center is also available in sandbox mode in the northern part of the city, but until you get a