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Red Pill

We decided to share with you the news on the development of one of our games - Red Pill. Since the last update, the game has changed the engine, now it's Unity. This allowed us to make bigger and more detailed locations. And the characters got a new style and 2.5D animation. Let me briefly remind you that our main character Martin

In this build of the game, you will find several new locations. One of them is a new beginning of the game. In it, you can also try new versions of 2.5D animation of our heroes, and elements of controlled sex scenes, where you can set the pace and tell the hero what to do with the girl, just by touching

UPDATE 0.311: Fixed a critical bug Today we have a major game update. New locations, heroes and plot dialogs have been added. The bank location has opened. If you play smart, then on the second floor you can take part in interesting events with the beautiful Elena. Some more new locations can be accessed from the agency's base. And NPC employees will be

The adventures of our hero continue. After successfully completing the first mission, Nils finally takes him to the base. There you will find answers to some questions, you can clarify for yourself how the world works and meet new characters. And of course, get new tasks that will lead you to even more interesting places. The game has received new locations

In the new build of the game, you will find several new events in different locations. The main storyline was continued. Our hero goes with Jesse to the laboratory, where she works and where he will have to turn his insidious mission. The girl may behave in different ways, depending on your past actions. Of course, throughout the mission, the most attentive

Today we have an update for the Red Pill game. We remind you that the main character of the game is an ordinary office worker who loves to spend time after working with girls, in a strip bar or a movie. But his life changes dramatically when a mysterious organization contacts him. What's new? You will find updated textures and scripts for

In this build, many of the game's mechanics have been updated. New menus have appeared, camera has been improved. Some heroes received new skins and animations. The park received a separate event where you can go without Jesse. And soon you will be able to make new acquaintances there. We remind you that the events of the game unfold in our usual

Today we have a new build of the Red Pill. In this build, a new location with a car salon was added. We remind you that the events of the game unfold in our usual world, but one day the life of our hero changes dramatically. He enters a secret organization and right now he is in the process of completing