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April 2024

Dare to Play 4 is for couples looking to add some excitement into their relationship. Whether you’ve been together for years and want to reignite the spark in the bedroom, are new to dating and eager to explore each other’s desires, or simply seeking a thrilling night of passion, this app has something for everyone. Thousands of tasks, a variety of

We have started working on a major UI update for the game. This will entail updates to some mechanics as well; for example, players will be able to engage more closely with certain storyline characters beyond just their scenes. This change will affect both the base game and DLC. This functionality is currently in a testing phase in this build

This time we have a significant game update with many exciting changes. There are new scenes in the game and changes in mechanics. In the location "Little Asia," at the massage parlor, the charming Makoto and Ayame are now ready to serve you. You can order either of the girls or both at once. Beautiful scenes with 2.5D animation and interactive

In this build, we continue the storyline of Lucy, who was assigned to follow our heroes. These events take place in the Countdown DLC, and are a prequel to the main events of the game. The main game also received some changes. So, Nika’s storyline received a different ending. And her neighbor Irene will tell us a little more details about