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In this update, we continue to work on quests to make their sequence more interesting. Some scenes with girls have also been updated. The game has been optimized so that it should work better on weaker devices. And also it began to take up a little less disk space. In the near future we are launching our new gaming projects, and for this

Daring end of the party! Adults only! What’s new in 3.90 (September Pack): If two performers are indicated in the task, they will both gain or lose points for fulfillment or failure Now the game supports personalized instructions up to 4 people simultaneously in one task Improved task selection system for new rules A lot of new tasks for the game!

We are actively working on an update for Mageroyal Academy and will be ready to show you new content soon. During this time, the game received a new engine, the mechanics of movement and interaction with objects in locations were updated. Character control has become more responsive, and NPCs are more alive. There are new types of secondary quests, both single

In this build, we have updated some of the game's systems for improved compatibility with new OS versions, for Windows and Android. The macOS version is currently in testing and will be back soon. The server part of the game has also been updated in preparation for the release of the new Hero Base. We talked about it in previous updates. Some

What's new in 4.80 (July pack)? We Share DLC updates New tasks for the game! More "Questions" for your opponent Bugs fixed Try something new with your couple this weekend ;) Click here to get more information or download this game. You are a couple of lovers who are together for a long time and want to try something new in your bed,