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Last Man

In this build, we continue the story of Hermione. Let me remind you that she asked to live with our hero, and later we learned about her first sexual experience, where another couple forced her to have sex with them (you should definitely see this scene ;) ). Now we know about her fetish and can use it. Another big change

In the last build, we added a continuation of Hermione's story, about her past and why she behaves a little strange in relation to our hero. The story turned out to be unusual and we are glad that many players liked it. In today's update, you will find a new overnight stay in the Dorm, in the third city. A couple

In previous builds, we finished the story of Olga. Although she lost a couple of events in the office, but received several different endings of the game. Now it was Hermione's turn. In this update you will find a large and interesting event that will tell about Hermione's past, about the events that happened before the epidemic. And why does she

In this build, we fix the errors of the latest updates and random freezes. The work and start of some quests has been changed. Some events have been optimized to make the game take up less space. Some translations have been updated. This game is multilingual: EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/RU/PL/GR/RO/TR/UA/CN/KR. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here. If you like this

In this build we finish Olga's story, she got her final event. Her quest can be completed in different ways and at the end of the game, depending on your decisions, she will have a different fate. Let me remind you that Olga was the secretary in our hero's office at the beginning of the game. But in one of the

In this build, Olga's storyline has received some fixes. Let me remind you that this girl was a secretary in our hero's office, but was replaced by another character. And now she will receive a completely new ending to her story. The localization system of the game has been changed. If you have done custom translations for yourself, then the files

As you already know, Olga's place in the office was taken by another girl, with a new storyline. But at your request, we decided not to delete Olga completely, but to give her an interesting ending, which was invented by one of our players. Olga's story now begins at the office location, but after the start of the epidemic. This event

In this urgent build, we are fixing bugs that appeared after a major update on Friday. Fixed freezes and some minor bugs. Let me remind you that the game received a changed storyline in the main character's office. And Olga was replaced by a new girl. Press F for Olga. There are still some problems with the auto-update system (Windows only). If