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Last Man

We start the first build of this year by solving mysteries. Those players who have already collected all the pieces of the map with marks will be able to find the continuation of this quest. If you have not started this quest yet, let me remind you that pieces of the map come to our hero by email when he spends

The year 2021 ends, in which we have worked very actively and soon we will be able to show you big and cool updates to Mageroyal Academy and Red Pill, as well as to some other projects that you have not yet seen. 2022 is going to be awesome! I would like to thank all those who have played and continue

Let me remind you that there are only last days, until the end of the week, when you can subscribe to Private Club with a discount of up to 20%. And it will also apply to the following months if you choose to pay for 3 or 6 months. One subscription applies to all of our games. Last week came the

From today and within a week you have the opportunity to subscribe to a club account with discounts. At the same time, the discount applies to both monthly subscriptions and 3 and 6 months. And, the more months, the greater the discount! Subscribing for one month - you get a 5% discount, 3 months - 10%. And a subscription for 6

Did you miss Ruby? A cute girl mechanic from the third city of the game. The last time we saw her was when she was in a hurry to the city center and we gave her a lift there. On the way, she talked a little about her past life, about problems with the law and the police. And if

In this urgent build, we are fixing bugs that some players are experiencing with latest update. If you get stuck on any of the stages of the Hermione’s storyline, now you can complete it. Some Hermione-related fixes also got the 100% Walkthrough menu. However, not all languages ​​were able to receive this update yet. The game's Album has also been updated with new

In this update, we end Hermione's storyline with a big sex scene with multiple playthroughs. If you haven’t started her quest yet, you will have a great adventure: traveling around cities, solving riddles, life with a girl and stories from her life. Other quests have received some changes too. Some NPCs will begin to react differently, depending on the degree of completion

In this build, we have completed some things that were not included in the new version a week ago. This includes updated systems for the Quest List and 100% Walkthrough. They now have more tips, and supplemented by events that appeared in the latest versions of the game. The server-side error reporting system has also been improved, so we can respond to