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Last Man

As we wrote earlier, the office of our heroes, where he starts the game, received a big update. Instead of Olga, there is now a new beauty Eva, with an updated storyline. Tell us who would like such a friend in the office? :) If you have previously completed the event with Olga, then she will remain in the game's album.

This build has a lot of updates to different game systems. Some of them will start working in the rest of our games as well. There are also some new items. I'll clarify right away that the game's auto-update system is now moving to new servers (for some regions it may not work at this time). But you can, as usual,

In this build, Hermione got the continuation of her story. She asked to live with our hero, and for several days now she has been causing him inconvenience, albeit sometimes pleasant. It happened in this update too, she had a bad dream and came to wake us up. In addition, the handling of the fast login to the server, introduced in

The hero's apartment received a major update. Now there are significantly more opportunities for upgrading, and you can furnish it throughout the game. You can find some rare items in the game world, or win on Base missions. Also, some items give buffs and bonuses to the hero, for example, restore energy, reduce hunger, or even launch new events. Perhaps some

UPDATE: bugfix 3.481 added UPDATE 2: build 3.482, crashes fixed, sawmill quests added Another major update to the game mechanics, both from the client and server side. Loading of gamesaves and locations has been accelerated several times. The game client has decreased by 100 megabytes. Some quests have received additional branches, depending on your actions. Now in development is an updated office from

Today we continue the story of Hermione. She asked to live in our hero's apartment, and pretends to be a couple in love. But so far it only gives trouble and inconvenience. How this story ends depends only on your actions. Some more locations were prepared for downloading on demand. Such locations will not be included in the distribution of the

Today we have an update of the club and public version of the game. Some features and content from early access have become available to everyone. The story with Hermione also received new morning events. Let me remind you that this girl asked for a visit to our hero, and now she is trying to play the role of a couple

In this update, we started to change the quest system and storylines. In the new system, it will be impossible to completely fail the quest. So, for example, if you refuse to give Vera a lift, then earlier you lost part of her storyline. Now she will wait a few days and re-contact you. You will still lose the trip