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Mageroyal Academy

In this build, you will find the end of the Emma and Kevin event and the beginning of a new story arc, where the main characters will already be Yumiko and Bucher. The first of the two companies will face the final boss of their event. You have to defeat him in a new turn-based type battle, combining the attacks of

In the new build of the game, we continue the main storyline. Our heroes decided to investigate what happened to the students at the Academy and this led them into a dangerous situation. You will have to wade through dangerous traps and evil monsters. But, first, it's worth visiting relatives :) The game has received many new game mechanics. This includes

In this build of the game, we are continuing the main storyline. No sooner had our heroes started their studies than the first problems already happened in the academy. There are already the first victims, but the administration is doing nothing. In this event, you will play on behalf of the beauty Emma, ​​and you will be able to get to

In this build, you will meet the fourth hero of our game - Kevin. An ordinary humble guy who believes that his ability is just sleight of hand and nothing special about it. Tricks that anyone can show. A world in which magic exists awaits him and other heroes with whom you have already met. Whatever story your heroes have, in

In this build, you will meet the third heroine of the game - Yumiko. Gifted from childhood, a girl who is looking for people as special as she is. (Yumiko fanart) A world in which magic exists waiting her and other heroes from your party. Whatever story your heroes have, in the end, they will all meet at the Mageroyal Academy. And

Thanks for the great feedback on our new game. And today we are ready to present you our second main hero. This is a girl from a wealthy and influential family who lives for her own pleasure. Unlike our past hero, she has long known about her magical abilities, and uses them only for fun with friends. But one evening everything

Today we have the release of a new game! And we invite you to get acquainted with a new world with magic! Four main heroes, with different stories. Someone has been searching for magic all life, someone believes that he is just good at magic tricks and does not suspect of his strength, someone knows about magic abilities from birth and