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July 2019

Daring end of the party! Adults only!What’s new in 2.20 (August Pack):A lot of new tasks for the game!New questionsBetter Android supportMore sounds eventsBug fixesWhat kind of game is it?The game is intended for companies starting from three people. Maybe it's your girlfriend’s  cute girl who came to visit you with delicious wine. Maybe it's one of your boyfriend’s guy

In this build there are a lot of fixes and updates for key events, so I advise everyone to update game.The first three events at the Science Center were completely rewritten. The riddle with the code now supports the new skill system. If you have at least few points in intelligence, the hero will be able to give you a

What's new in 2.90 (June pack)?New game mode "Truth or Dare"New tasks for the game!More "Questions" for your opponentChallenges coming soonWe Share DLC in dev modeAdded German and Polish beta translationsBugs fixedTry something new with your couple this weekend ;)Click here to get more information or download this game.For whom this game?You are a couple of lovers who are together

From this build, the new character settings system has become available on all accounts. Old skills such as repair, breaking, etc., as well as alpha points have been removed from the game.I'll tell you a little about the new system. Now our character will have 5 parameters: strength, agility, intelligence, endurance and charisma. You will be able to distribute character

In this build a new event with Kitty was added. This is the girl with whom our hero communicates at home in video chat. We will learn a little more about her city and the problems she has encountered. This scene supports the new hero's skill system, and you will see additional options in the dialog if it is already

Today we have updated club and public versions of the game. Some locations from early access became available to everyone.Added continuation of a large final quest with Vera. Finally we will get to the purpose of the trip, maybe even find out a little more about what happened to the world. Also additional hidden events were added to this trip,