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October 2021

What's new in 4.40 (November pack)? We Share DLC updates New tasks for the game! More "Questions" for your opponent Bugs fixed Try something new with your couple this weekend ;) Click here to get more information or download this game. For whom this game? You are a couple of lovers who are together for a long time and want to try something new

In the new build of the game, we have continued the main storyline. A continuation of the second lesson was added, a new location - the headman's room and even a small preview of the new world. In addition, many bugs and game freezes have been fixed. The movement speed of characters has been increased to make it easier to explore large

In this urgent build, we are fixing bugs that some players are experiencing with latest update. If you get stuck on any of the stages of the Hermione’s storyline, now you can complete it. Some Hermione-related fixes also got the 100% Walkthrough menu. However, not all languages ​​were able to receive this update yet. The game's Album has also been updated with new

In this update, we end Hermione's storyline with a big sex scene with multiple playthroughs. If you haven’t started her quest yet, you will have a great adventure: traveling around cities, solving riddles, life with a girl and stories from her life. Other quests have received some changes too. Some NPCs will begin to react differently, depending on the degree of completion

In this build of the game, you will find several new locations. One of them is a new beginning of the game. In it, you can also try new versions of 2.5D animation of our heroes, and elements of controlled sex scenes, where you can set the pace and tell the hero what to do with the girl, just by touching