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Author: Vortex

This build continues the storyline with Hermione. It is designed as a mini-game. The girl will hide out her photos in different locations that you can visit during the game. She will regularly send you hints about the next set of photos. The dating sim system has received an update. There are new ways to improve relationships with girls, as well

In the new build of the game, big changes were made to the office where our hero works. Along with the updated graphics, the changes also affected the storyline. So, events at the beginning of the game will start moving much faster. For example, a computer virus and a strange job offer will happen on the first day. In this build, after

Today we have an update of the club and public versions of the game. Some locations and features from early access have become available to everyone. The early access system itself has also been updated. Previously, it already randomly selected public accounts and opened some locations for them for testing. Now, it will also take into account the activity of

Hermione received a continuation of her storyline. After you meet her, she will start sending you messages with a mini-game. And only after solving all her riddles, you can see her again. Some key quests received alternative way. So, for example, if you have not enough money for the girl's quest, you can offer less, or deceive her. Different options will

A new build of Red Pill game has become available for Club Members today. We continue to update the artwork and game mechanics. This time the Bar location was updated, where our hero can rest after hard work. In it you will find an updated striptease, single girls, new darts mechanics, several secret events, and even an Easter egg for Mageroyal

In this build, updates have been made to Hermione's storyline. Server statistics have shown that many players do not meet her in their usual gameplay. So it was decided to remake her storyline. Now the introductory acquaintance event will simply appear on the map of the second city, start 30 days earlier, and be marked with a quest icon. Some of

What's new in 3.60 (August pack)? We Share DLC updates New tasks for the game! More "Questions" for your opponent Bugs fixed Try something new with your couple this weekend ;) Click here to get more information or download this game. For whom this game? You are a couple of lovers who are together for a long time and want to try something new

Thanks for the great feedback on our new game. And today we are ready to present you our second main hero. This is a girl from a wealthy and influential family who lives for her own pleasure. Unlike our past hero, she has long known about her magical abilities, and uses them only for fun with friends. But one evening everything