Dare to Play

Dare to Play 2 / v.8.5 (RU/EN/DE/PL) / Spring Sale -40%

Spring Sale
40% discount on the game purchased from our site

For whom this game?
For those who are going to put off all conventions and hot melt the ice in relationship. For those who have not tried a variety of toys in the bedroom and is going to offer this to the partner with the most simple and interesting way.

What is this game?
The game is designed to play together with partner, where each performs the task given to him/her one by one. It doesn’t matter, you live together for a long time, just started dating, or even become acquainted – the game will certainly bring something interesting and new in your relationship.

Playing you will receive tasks that you will need to do with your partner. From harmless kisses to immodest sex scenes.

The game has a fine setting, you will be able to indicate what is normal for you, and what is unacceptable, what sex toys do you have. The game even takes into account what kind of clothes you are wearing.

– New pack of tasks!
– Windows version
– Mac OS X version
– Game optimization
– Texts bug fixes
– UI fixes

– Better tasks sorting
– Polish translation added
– German translation added
– English version
– New “Surprise” with camera
– New bonus in game shop and new surprise – “Minute”
– New tasks in “Challenges” mode
– Timers changed to make game more active

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More information about the game is available on it’s page.



Play Online in Private Club, (RU/EN/DE/PL)
Android (RU/EN/DE/PL) – download and pay by PayPal or card directly from our website
Windows (RU/EN/DE/PL) – download and pay by PayPal or card directly from our website
iOS – Apple App Store, (RU/EN/DE/PL)
Mac OS X – Apple Mac App Store (RU/EN/DE/PL)


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