Last Man

Last Man 1.78 Beta

In this version of the game, several meetings with Marina have been added. On the one of such meeting, she will give you a job – to go to a new location. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the procedure for issuing quests is not linear, and depends on your actions in other locations. And sometimes she will not tell you anything useful at all, then you just need to return to her later.

A small change in the interface of the game have beed done. The button “My savegames” is added to the menu, so now you can load another day without quit to the game’s start screen. Improved the display of important places with icons on the map of cities. Fixed some links to website in the game.

The game was optimized, the locations began to load faster, unnecessary textures are removed from the RAM. Fixed some minor bugs.

Added support for Arabic. The translation is already in the game, but you can’t activate it till next build, need more complete testing.

This game is multilingual: RU/EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PL/RO/UA/CN/KR. If you want to help make translations or edit the text, click here.

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Public build 1.78 (PC)

The full list of changes and download links are available at game’s page.

Private Club build 1.78 (PC and Android/iOS/Mac OS)

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8 thoughts on “Last Man 1.78 Beta

  1. Limara77 says:

    Hi if I can give you a couple of suggestions

    It would be nice to be able to revisit the houses of the girls (Oksana, Masha and Alina) who attended, and use the same scenes or, if possible, adding more instead of finding the script that I can not go anymore.

    Some problems encountered:
    Base missions seem like time never ends and girls sent on mission do not come back.

    Chapter 3 Part 16 does not load
    Chapter 8 Part 61 does not load
    In chapter 10 part 74 when I try to go to the abandoned house I have no actions and I can not go to sleep and the game stops.

    The secrets I found are at 90.58% and I have not yet met Marina for the last mission …

    Thanks again for your work

    1. Vortex says:

      You can see scenes with girls again in game Album.

      Base mission goes in realtime, not game days. You can see how much time left when you open base screen.

      Chapter 3 Part 16 does not load
      Chapter 8 Part 61 does not load

      What do you mean? What is not loading?

  2. Limara77 says:

    As you can see in the pictures I linked to you, you just miss the key.

    1. Vortex says:

      This is not a bug. There was no saves due the storyline.

  3. Obi_W says:

    Day 75 Problem, the same here. Hero comes from Military Base seraching the Crates. Can sleep in Abandon House but no AP regained. Even with the Cheats it ist not possible to add APs.

    1. Vortex says:

      I’ll fix this bug next build. You can try to replay from previous day, it can help.

  4. alff83 says:

    i can’t start the game on mac since 2 updates,
    When I click on the game, a message appears and tell me the game don’t work and proposes to put it in the basket…
    what i have to do?

    1. Vortex says:

      Yeah, there is problem with mac version. I hope to fix it till next build.

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