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New savegames system for Last Man

New savegames system for Last Man

One of the questions that is often raised in the comments is the savegame system in Last Man. During development, it was changed several times, and now at the beginning of the game, the save occurs in the checkpoint between the days, and later goes into save mode after each event.

It’s time to bring the saves in order. So, we have a vote:

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I also consider the idea of ​​making an additional “hardcore” mode. This is a separate option that you can select when starting a game from scratch. In it, all your progress will be saved in one savegame file, and there will not be a chance to go back a day. Only forward, as in life.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, leave them in the comments or send to email.

  • October 23, 2018

    Hey, Ventex here the idea for hardcore is great but not the less if u play the game and u have reatcht atleast 85 % u know what to do. So wont be hardcore if u now the way. But a great idea would be if u have played the game atleast until u have 85%. Then give a choise to start the story agian but whit a brand new option, like rebuild the city’s, so u have your own faction. U have endles options there like search city then find store, fix it and run it. So u can let the girls work for u and u have controle of the city and fight or make friends whit factions like NEW POST and CARMA. 🙂

  • Jimmage95
    October 30, 2019

    what folder are the save file located

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